Oxer家族1999年開始在法定產區DO Bizkaiko Txakolina 釀造葡萄酒,葡萄園靠海。歐拾酒莊釀造的Marko酒款名字來自於家族居住的房子,Marko也是莊主父親的暱稱,是酒莊種植Txakoli葡萄藤的創始人。Oxer釀酒師全心專注在他的葡萄樹和葡萄酒事業,注重每一個環節,對於未來藍圖也具有非常好的前瞻性,日新月異。他獨自將自家的葡萄園接管下後,尊重自然,使用原生葡萄品種Hondarribi Zuri Zerratia(Petit Courbu)與Hondarribi ZuriGros( Courbu) 混釀出等級最高的Txakoli(巴斯克地區的國民白酒,每餐必配),酸度鮮明爽口,果香自然奔放,讓許多人都不敢相信西班牙葡萄酒能有如此優雅的骨感,有別於在地其他酒莊的做法,還特別釀造晚採收甜酒,奇特的昆布與水果、蜂蜜味滿盈,讓晚採收葡萄酒原本的高貴又在多添上一層神秘。

Young Soul

Oxer always wanted to make wines in La Rioja Alavesa and in 2005 he moves to Laguardia convinced of the uniqueness of the area. In  2009 he makes his first wine with grapes purchased from the growers in the area (grapes from old vineyards). The experiment succeeds. He falls in love with this  region and its stunning vineyards. Oxer then decides this is the place where he wants to settle and further express the art of winemaking. Relatively new to the region, but already enjoying national and international recognition.

Old Vineyards

Convinced of their singularity, Oxer invests each cent earned in buying old plots. Artillero is one of these beauties: 98 years old, located in Elvillar  (La Rioja Alavesa) at 600 metres altitude and creator of the white Iraun and red Artillero. This is only just the beginning. Oxer is in continuous search for old jewels. A visionary man with a plan: achieving immortality of his wines.

Eye for quality and detail

The vineyards in La Rioja Alavesa are worked organically following the principle of regenerative agriculture. Man and mule work the land with great care and respect for the old vines. Different kinds of European oak are being selected for each and every single wine, and barrels and foudres are tailor-made accordingly (Francis and Stockinger). Even naming and labelling are carried out with minute detail for meaning and symbolism, expressing oxer´s universe.

Elegance, freshness and refinement

All the meticulous work in vineyard and winery culminates in extremely fresh and elegant wines. These are the characteristics Oxer strives for in all his wines.
Old vines, only natural acidity by picking early, little extraction, spontaneous fermentation and fermentation and ageing in a mix of vessels (stainless steel tanks, concrete egg, amphorae, foudres and oak barrels different sizes) all contribute to achieving this fine wine profile.

​“Wines to drink and to store.  All human wisdom for the soft scent of wine”  - OMAR KHAYYAM


The vineyards are located in Kortezubi, a small town near the Biscayan coast with an Atlantic, humid and temperate climate favoring slow ripening. Rainfall ranges between 1000-1300mm, being the most abundant rainy season in spring and winter.
Shallow and not very fertile soils, slightly acidic and with a clay loam texture, on limestone rock and marl, sloping and with good solar orientation.
Always faithful to his idea of ​​vegetation cover in vineyards, biodynamics and permaculture make his txakolis, direct, gastronomic and different wines.

禁    止    酒    駕    
   飲    酒    過    量    ・    有    害    健    康

Pittacum 2018

Sweet Solera dolç 2010

Mataro 2016

Sang de Drac 2015

Ananoa 2016

Horten 2018

Horten blends 2018

1758 Selección Petit Verdot 2010

Dulcinea del Maar 2014

Syrah de la Muntanya 2015

Pur 2018

Plus 2015

Blau 2019

Lo Moreno 2016

Lo Morenillo 2017

La Fina 2017

Cent x Cent 2017

Ay De Mi 2016

Martin Joven 2019

Martin Barrica 2018

Sumoll 2017

Caus Lubis 2000

Gran Caus Rosé 2018

Gran Gaus Negre 2010

30 Aniversario 2006

Dominio Romano Camino 2018

Dominio Romano 2015

Dominio Romano RDR 2017

Valserrano Reserva 2015

Valserrano Crianza 2016

Valserrano Gran Reserva 2012

Valserrano Monteviejo 2016

Les Crestes 2019

Salanques 2016

Doix 2015


Falcata Red 2019

Falcata Arenal 2016

Falcata Casa Gran

Hisenda Miret

Clarete 2019

Vernatxa Negra 2019

La Mar 2018

Abadía de San Campio 2020

Terras Gauda 2020

Albariño Pazo Señorans 2019

Albariño Pazo Señorans 2019

Amfora Cal Ron

White Wine Suriol Els Bancals

Donzella 2019

4W4 Blancos 2019

Mar 2019

Malvasia de Sitges 2016

Marko Late Harvest 2015

Marko 2019

Te La Dedico 2019

Martin Verdejo 2019

El Rocallis 2011

La Calma 2017

Terraprima White

Valserrano Viura 2019

Salix 2019

Murmuri 2020

Falcata White 2020


Amphora Roja

Orange 2019

Can Peritxó 2019

La Blanca 2018

Ancestral Cal Ron 2019

Cava Brut Nature Gran Reserva El Bosc 2015

Cava Brut Nature Gran Reserva Collita 2014

Cava Brut Rosat Reserva 2018

Cava Brut Reserva 2018

Lagar de Camin

Sidra Extra Avalon

Ancestral Cal Ron 2019

Cava Brut Nature Gran Reserva El Bosc 2015

Cava Brut Nature Gran Reserva Collita 2014

Cava Brut Rosat Reserva 2018

Cava Brut Reserva 2018

Lagar de Camin

Sidra Extra Avalon

Alma Vermut

Pedro Ximénez PX




Brandy Solera Gran Reserva Juan Sebastian Elcano

Amerigo Vespucci Brandy

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