Trabanco 塔邦客蘋果酒莊園 


1925年起,塔幫客Trabanco蘋果酒莊園僅使用最好的傳承工藝與高品質的蘋果與傳統釀造法,呈現最真實的老口感。當時Emilio Trabanco常常拿著自家釀造的蘋果酒請鄰居喝,已成為家喻戶曉的人物,他的夢想就是打造一座傳承真實在地人生活的蘋果酒莊。Lavandera 小鎮開始傳起,一路傳到Camocha、Vega Granda 一路再到Gijon鎮,口碑好,口耳相傳,縱使困難叢叢也就這麼漸漸打開知名度。1963年兒子與女兒Vincent與Alice接手,第一次世代移轉。1990年成立公司Asturvinagre S.L 也開始販售蘋果飲料、蘋果醋。

1998年成立Camin Lavandera S.L 公司,拓展蘋果園達60公頃,也增添了許多釀酒設備,除了在新舊釀法中取得平衡外,也格外改善衛生,讓塔幫客蘋果酒的品質穩定,連連獲獎,至今已成為西班牙最具代表性的知名酒廠,也是第一個擁有專業釀酒師進駐、獲得法定產區認證的酒廠。讓我們一起進入西班牙西北人的蘋果酒世界,用口感感受當地傳承數百年的工藝!也感受有別於法國西打的西班牙風格!


Trabanco is a synonym for natural cider.  We have been making cider with the best ion of apples since 1925, and all while following traditional methods.

Emilio Trabanco worked hard to make his family´s dream of opening their own business come true. Great cider was being made in 1925 in Lavandera and his reputation conquered Gijon in no time. His dream was for this new cider to reach even the farthest corners of Asturias. The first harvests were really difficult. Constant rain complicated the apple picking process: filling crates and carrying almost 50 kilos of apples on your shoulder until reaching the apple cart, pulled by oxen.

Emilio´s children, Vicente and Alicia, took over the cider mill in 1963. They introduced improvements that made cider production easier, but they did not leave behind the essence of our traditions.  Vicente was an expert and used his great sense of smell to choose apples. He was also a great buyer and salesman.  His cider was very popular. It was one of the first to go on the market right after fermenting; its mildly bitter taste was all the rage.  Trabanco was one of the first ciders to run out every season, as early as the month of May, making it the most popular cider when the new harvest came out in January.

The Trabanco family has always been involved in the cider mill lifestyle. All members of the family, since they were really little, have been involved in the entire production process: from picking apples, to weighing and choosing them, until pressing them in the pomace press.  New generations grew up among the orchards... that was the Trabanco family lifestyle, the lifestyle of an entire village and a tradition that has been passed down through the generations. Emilio, the founder, was in love with apple orchards.

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   飲    酒    過    量    ・    有    害    健    康

Terraprima Red 2019

Heraclio Alfaro 2017

Sardón 2018

Val de La Osa Mencia 2017

Magnum Val de La Loba 2016

Ay De Mi Magnum 2015 / 2016

Terrer Singular Amphore Red 2020

Endogen Red 2019

Endogen Red Sumoll 2020

Microcuvee Marta de Balta 2017

Syrah 100% no added sulfie 2020

Pittacum 2018

Sweet Solera dolç 2010

Mataro 2016

Sang de Drac 2015

Ananoa 2016

Horten 2018

Horten Blends 2020

1758 Selección Petit Verdot 2010

Dulcinea del Marr 2017

Syrah de la Muntanya 2015

Pur 2018

Plus 2017

Blau 2019

Lo Moreno 2018

Lo Morenillo 2017

La Fina 2017

Ay De Mi 2016

Martin Joven 2020

Martin Barrica 2019

Sumoll 2017

Caus Lubis 2000

Gran Gaus Negre 2011

30 Aniversario 2006

Dominio Romano Camino 2018

Dominio Romano 2015

Dominio Romano RDR 2017

Valserrano Reserva 2015

Valserrano Crianza 2016

Valserrano Gran Reserva 2012

Valserrano Monteviejo 2017

Les Crestes 2019

Salanques 2018

Doix 2015


Falcata Red 2020

Falcata Arenal 2017

Falcata Casa Gran 2018

Hisenda Miret 2018

Vernatxa Negra 2019

Terrer Singular Amphore White 2020

Endogen White 2020

Mà de Mas Perdut Origin 2021

Calcari 2021

Amphora Brisat 2019

Satel.lit 2018

Amphora Gris 2021

La Mar 2018

Abadía de San Campio 2020

Terras Gauda 2021

Albariño Pazo Señorans 2019

Albariño Pazo Señorans 2019

Amfora Cal Ron 2019

White Wine Suriol Els Bancals 2017

Donzella 2019

4W4 Blancos 2019

Mar 2019

Malvasia de Sitges 2016

Marko Late Harvest 2015

Marko 2019

Cent x Cent 2017

Te La Dedico 2019

Martin Verdejo 2020

El Rocallis 2011

La Calma 2017

Terraprima White 2019

Valserrano Viura 2020

Salix 2019

Murmuri 2020

Falcata White 2020


Amphora Roja 2019

Orange 2020

Can Peritxó 2019

La Blanca 2018

Ancestral Cal Ron 2019

Cava Brut Nature Gran Reserva El Bosc 2015

Cava Brut Nature Gran Reserva Collita 2014

Cava Brut Rosat Reserva 2018

Cava Brut Reserva 2018

Lagar de Camin

Sidra Extra Avalon

Ancestral Cal Ron 2019

Cava Brut Nature Gran Reserva El Bosc 2015

Cava Brut Nature Gran Reserva Collita 2014

Cava Brut Rosat Reserva 2018

Cava Brut Reserva 2018

Lagar de Camin

Sidra Extra Avalon

Alma Vermut

Pedro Ximénez PX




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