Pazo Señoráns

Pazo Señoráns 帕佐酒莊

Pazo Señoráns 帕佐酒莊曾是十六世紀古老的加利⻄亞建築,爾後翻修成酒莊,不過現在依舊可以在建築內感受到當時人們的驕傲與光榮感。酒莊正式生產的第一個年份為1989年,不過葡萄園耕種的歷史可久遠了,帕佐酒莊可說是在地釀酒的先驅。酒莊由Marisol Bueno 與 Javier Mareque夫妻共同經營,目前也加入了四位孩子(Marisol, Vicky, Javier, Santiago)生力軍的幫忙。PazoSeñoráns酒莊的名稱起源未知,僅知道是流傳已久的古房。



Pazo Señoráns, now converted into a winery, is a magnificent example of those XVI century ancestral Galician houses built in the countryside with allthe charm and dignity of days gone by. The winery launched its first vintage in 1989.The Pazo and the winery owned originally by husband and wife MarisolBueno and Javier Mareque (and now in the hands of their four childrenMarisol, Vicky, Javier and Santiago) began producing wine in 1989, although the estate had already started growing wine-grapes. The origin of the name Pazo Señoráns is unknown: we do not know whether it was the place that gave the Pazo its name or whether the Pazo that gave its name to the place. 

After rigorous work in the field and appropriate ripening controls, it is the winery itself that decides on the date for harvesting, which is usually during the second half of September. All the grape harvesting is done by hand; selecting bunches within the vineyard itself. Transportation to the winery is immediate, in small boxes of perforated plastic, so that the grape arrives whole and in an optimum condition for wine-making.

Later the grape juice is taken to stainless steel vats where the process of fermentation begins.

We work to create wines which faithfully reflect the land which gave them birth. 

禁    止    酒    駕    
   飲    酒    過    量    ・    有    害    健    康

Terraprima Red 2019

Heraclio Alfaro 2017

Sardón 2018

Val de La Osa Mencia 2017

Magnum Val de La Loba 2016

Ay De Mi Magnum 2015 / 2016

Terrer Singular Amphore Red 2020

Endogen Red Samsó 2019

Endogen Red Sumoll 2020

Microcuvee Marta de Balta 2017

Syrah 100% no added sulfie 2020

Pittacum 2018

Sweet Solera dolç 2010

Mataro 2016

Sang de Drac 2015

Ananoa 2016

Horten 2018

Horten Blends 2020

1758 Selección Petit Verdot 2010

Dulcinea del Marr 2017

Syrah de la Muntanya 2015

Pur 2018

Plus 2017

Blau 2019

Lo Moreno 2018

Lo Morenillo 2017

La Fina 2017

Ay De Mi 2016

Martin Joven 2020

Martin Barrica 2019

Sumoll 2017

Caus Lubis 2000

Gran Gaus Negre 2011

30 Aniversario 2006

Dominio Romano Camino 2018

Dominio Romano 2015

Dominio Romano RDR 2017

Valserrano Reserva 2015

Valserrano Crianza 2016

Valserrano Gran Reserva 2012

Valserrano Monteviejo 2017

Les Crestes 2019

Salanques 2018

Doix 2015


Falcata Red 2020

Falcata Arenal 2017

Falcata Casa Gran 2018

Hisenda Miret 2018

Vernatxa Negra 2019

Terrer Singular Amphore White 2020

Endogen White 2020

Mà de Mas Perdut Origin 2021

Calcari 2021

Satel.lit 2018

Amphora Gris 2021

La Mar 2018

Abadía de San Campio 2020

Terras Gauda 2021

Albariño Pazo Señorans 2019

Albariño Pazo Señorans 2019

Amfora Cal Ron 2019

White Wine Suriol Els Bancals 2017

Donzella 2019

4W4 Blancos 2019

Mar 2019

Malvasia de Sitges 2016

Marko Late Harvest 2015

Marko 2019

Cent x Cent 2017

Te La Dedico 2019

Martin Verdejo 2020

El Rocallis 2011

La Calma 2017

Terraprima White 2019

Valserrano Viura 2020

Salix 2019

Murmuri 2020

Falcata White 2020


Amphora Roja 2019

Amphora Brisat 2019

Can Peritxó 2019

La Blanca 2018

Orange 2020

Ancestral Cal Ron 2019

Cava Brut Nature Gran Reserva El Bosc 2015

Cava Brut Nature Gran Reserva Collita 2014

Cava Brut Rosat Reserva 2018

Cava Brut Reserva 2018

Lagar de Camin

Sidra Extra Avalon

Ancestral Cal Ron 2019

Cava Brut Nature Gran Reserva El Bosc 2015

Cava Brut Nature Gran Reserva Collita 2014

Cava Brut Rosat Reserva 2018

Cava Brut Reserva 2018

Lagar de Camin

Sidra Extra Avalon

Alma Vermut

Pedro Ximénez PX




Brandy Solera Gran Reserva Juan Sebastian Elcano

Amerigo Vespucci Brandy

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